Was the Loch Ness Monster Really Spotted in England?

England’s Lake Windermere surprised two people who had set out on a kayaking trip last Friday. Someone took a photo with the mobile phone, a photo displaying something that looked like the mysterious Loch Ness monster.

Was this mysterious monster really spotted?
Was this mysterious monster really spotted?

The Daily Telegraph informs us that Tom Pickles, an IT consultant went out on the lake along with Sarah Harrington, his colleague. Near Belle Isle, the two noticed the creature.

The paper quotes Pickles’ words: “It was petrifying and we paddled back to the shore straight away. At first I thought it was a dog and then saw it was much bigger and moving really quickly at about 10mph (16 km/h).”

“Each hump was moving in a rippling motion and it was swimming fast,” commented Pickles, who used his phone to take a photo of the beast. “Its skin was like a seal’s but its shape was completely abnormal—it’s not like any animal I’ve ever seen before.”
According to Harrington, the creature resembled an “enormous snake”. She added: “I only saw it for a few seconds but all I could think about was that I had to get off the lake.”
Steve Burnip, a journalism lecturer stated that in 2006 he noticed something similar to the creature in Pickles’ photo.
Burnip said for the Westmorland Gazette: “I’m really pleased that someone has finally got a really good picture of it. I know what I saw and it shocked me. It had three humps and it’s uncanny the likeness between this and what I saw five years ago.”
Eight sightings were reported these last five years; different people saw a humpbacked, long animal which local people call “Bownessie’. It looks like a plesiosaur, one of those extinct dinosaurs from ancient eras.
The Telegraph reported that, according to photo experts, the photo is too small, and they cannot tell for sure whether it is real or not, even if it looks genuine.
Nigel Wilkinson, who is in charge of the Windermere Lake Cruises stated that neither he nor his crew ever saw such a creature, although they are experienced people who have been on the water in every possible conditions.

Wilkinson said: “We carry 1.3 million passengers, that is 2.6 million eyeballs, and none of them have ever brought Bownessie to our attention.”

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