No Such Thing As A Dormant Volcano

I’m sure we have all heard about dormant volcanoes and how you should not have to worry about visiting places where dormant volcanoes lie. Well this statement is definitely about to change. The new belief is that supposed “dormant” volcanoes are not actually dormant.

Volcanoes are never dormant!
Volcanoes are never dormant!

What were once called “dormant” volcanoes is not being restated as there being no such thing as a dormant volcano. Scientist disputed this theory but have come to the conclusion that these volcanoes, classified as dormant, can become active much quicker than recently suspected.

While it was once believe that it could take up to 500 years for a volcano to reawaken, it is now being said that it could only take a matter of 20 days. It has been deduced that the hot magma inside a volcano can constantly rise and mix with the heavier magma found at the surface. Once the mixing begins, the temperature can start to increase over a hundred times faster. This is incredibly faster than previously thought throughout the years.

A very good note to come out of this latest discovery is that more people are taking emergency procedure and evacuation plans more seriously and raises the awareness to their children as well. What was once something that people only imagined happening is turning out to be something that could really happen right before their eyes.

Some scientist have stated that some early warning signs could be small tremors or quakes. These can usually happen days or weeks before an eruption can take place.

One thing that scares many scientist is the fact that after three eruptions over the course of over 2 million years, the crater found within Yellowstone National Park, is due to erupt again making the more than two-thirds of the earth a complete wasteland. It would be uninhabitable for many.

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