New Developments in Water Efficient Appliances

What if an individual’s contribution to conservation came with the benefit of speed cleaned laundry and sparkling dishes? Two new appliances are offering just that. Manufacturers Russell Hobbs and Bosch have each introduced eco- friendly, water saving devices- a high speed washing machine, and the world’s most water-efficient dishwasher.

The turnaround time of laundry can lead to drowning in a sea of dirty clothes. The Russell Hobbs washing machine defies convention by using two jet nozzles instead of one, doubling the washing power to make for the quickest laundry cycle known to man- 12 minutes. If that doesn’t make your domestic day, this might; it promises to save 212,415 gallons over its lifetime, while running less of the time. Over two years less. Which means you will be tripping over laundry piles two years less of your life.

Amazing money saving appliances are coming our way
Amazing money saving appliances are coming our way

And with water conservation high on the list of global concerns moving into the future, this advance in washing technology is an attractive supplement to individual environmental responsibility.

The most affordable of the machines retails for just under $500, and boasts a large capacity and 15 wash settings.

Bosch unveiled its impressive water saving dishwasher- the Exxcel AquaStar. Using only 1.7 gallons of water for a full load-less than half the industry standard at 3.7 gallons and a far cry from even the most talented human dishwasher who on average uses 10 gallons to see their reflection in dinner plates- Bosch confidently claimed it to be the most efficient dishwasher in the World.

Part of its efficiency comes from the ActiveWater system which stores clean water from one cycle’s final rinse and reuses it in the first wash of the next cycle. Waterwise managing director Jacob Tomkins, underscoring the Exxcel’s efficiency said the “intelligent water dosing enables the machines to minimize their water use without compromising performance.”

The two machines are setting a promising precedent in the industry of water efficient appliances. Looking forward into the absolute need for eco-friendly technology in the home, the water you save now could truly be the water you need later.

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