Bronze Gecko

One of the most unique of the geckos that inhabit Seychelle Islands is the Giant Bronze Gecko (Ailuronxy trachygaster).

Originally this animal was thought to be from only one area but has since been discovered to belong to two.

Loss of habitat has proven to create real problems for many species of lizards and the Giant Bronze Gecko is no exception.

Giant Bronze Gecko
Giant Bronze Gecko

Numbers of this remarkable mid size lizard are estimated to be around 3400 left alive in the world today.

New plant species which were introduced lowered the numbers of the prey insects which the gecko fed on. Additionally cats, invasive plants and other man made methods lessened their numbers.

There is a great deal of interest in the large stocky gecko, but since so few are in existence they are not often seen.

In the 1990s some Giant Bronze Gecko’s were found on Silhouette Island and on Praslin Island, however their range is very limited.

Not a great deal is written by which to research this remarkable animal.

Breeding habits are not well known habitat and range is limited to the islands near Madagascar

These animals deserve our attention and our protection.

Each species which becomes extinct due to our actions may be the species that could have saved us.

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