Kookaburras are extremely large kingfisher type birds which are native to Australia.

The name kookaburra is the call that the bird actually makes hence its name.

The call they give is very unmistakable and very loud. It echoes and some say it sounds very much like human laughter of the hysterical variety, and some people find it eerie to hear in the evening hours.


Kookaburras hunt during the day for various live prey, and rest at night.

There are four types of Kookaburra which are found in Australia, and scientists believe that they have evolved in an isolated area, when perhaps Australia and New Guinea were more distant from each other than they are now.

Kookaburras are one of the carnivorous birds, who eat snakes, insects, most rodents and raw meat, which they hunt, but also which they may scavenge from unsuspecting humans.

Some of them will take human handouts of food and will eat cooked meat, even very hot cooked meat if it is left unattended on an outdoor barbeque.

Kookaburras breed easily, producing two to four offspring in the springtime months, which the mother cares for and feeds.

They also adapt well to human company and will breed in captivity without major problems.

They enjoy companionship and do make wonderful pets, being very affectionate with people.

Their diet of mice and beef is difficult for many people to be able to afford and the noises they make many people find unpalatable. For those who don’t mind this, they are one of the better bird companions.


In the wild the Kookaburra will eat the babies of other birds, snakes and many smaller reptiles.

They may also take in chicks and such things as birds of prey eat.
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