10 Top Mountain Treks in the World

Almost all adventure seekers enjoy mountain trekking. It is an exciting and adventurous sport, be it mountain climbing, camping, rock climbing or exploring. The following ten mountain treks are, if not the most famous, definitely among the most famous in the world. Some of them are only for professionals, others are easier to climb, but each of them is awe-inspiring.

1. Mont Blanc

This is rightfully a classic of Europe’s circuits. It is amongst the most popular mountaineering routes in the entire world. Its popularity has been growing since the end of the 18th century. The splendid views of Mont Blanc are due to the fact that this famous trek goes through various deep glacial valleys and traverses three countries: Italy, Switzerland, and France. The difficulty rating for this trek is moderate to strenuous.

2. Lycian Way

This is the first long distance footpath one should make in Turkey. It may not be amongst the most legendary mountain treks, but it is still genuinely impressive though under-appreciated. This Turkish trek winds along the most dramatic coastline of the Mediterranean Sea as far as Mount Olympus’ limestone peaks which rise very high above the dazzling aquamarine waters. It goes by sunken cities and ancient ruins, meandering through beautiful wooded valleys but also along magnificent cliff tops that overlook desolate beaches. The difficulty rating for this trek is moderate to strenuous.

3. The GR20

This mountain trek is actually named The Grand Randonnée 20 but the Corsicans also call it Fra li Monti. It is undoubtedly among the toughest yet finest long-distance mountain treks in Europe. This superb pathway was established in 1972 and it goes across the island of Corsica in the Mediterranean Sea from the northern side towards the southern. The landscape variety is amazing, starting with steep and rocky paths in the northern part and ending with abundant green meadows down in the south. The difficulty rating for this trek is challenging.

4. Mount Toubkal Climb

This is the highest peak in North Africa and probably a surprising selection for many. But once you reach the summit and get the chance to admire the Marrakech plains which roll away towards the north as well as the Anti Atlas mountains towards the south, you will understand how special this trek is. The panoramic views are completed by the tooth-like crests of the High Atlas spreading to the west and east. As it winds up towards the summit, the path goes through secluded Berber villages which have not changed for centuries, a captivating insight into a forgotten way of life. The difficulty rating for this trek is strenuous.

5. Kilimanjaro Climb

This mountain trek is definitely more renowned than its cousin from Morocco. Mount Kilimanjaro’s summit offers a unique view which is simply amazing. The glacier capped volcano which rises from the lavish forests of the plains around it goes up 5,895 meters into the stratosphere and this makes it the highest point in Africa. The difficulty rating for this trek is strenuous to tough.

6. Everest Base Camp

Mount Everest lies at the very heart of Nepal, which is without a doubt one of the most marvelous countries on Earth. It is known as the highest point on this planet. The summit is reachable only by the professional mountaineer; however, the Everest Base Camp can be attained by any experienced trekker. This mountain trek may be the most famed of them all. It pursues the well-known, classic route through Sherpa and attracts numerous trekkers year after year. The difficulty rating for this trek is strenuous.

7. Annapurna Sanctuary

This is some kind of a natural amphitheatre formed by part of the Annapurna Himal massif which is very vast and has a few peaks that go beyond 7,000 meters. It is ringed by fellow giants Annapurna 1, Gangapurna, Glacier Dome, Machhapuchhare and Fang. This mountain trek is a reasonably tough high altitude one which however presents mountain views that are awe-inspiring and which can compete with any other perspective offered by the Himalayas. The difficulty rating for this trek is moderate to challenging.

8. The Huayhuash Circuit

Any true walking enthusiast should try this mountain trek. It is meant for those who are ready to take on a physical challenge. The trek follows a breathtaking high altitude course through the Andes, visiting the famous valley mentioned by Joe Simpson in “Touching the World”, his epic story. The Huayhuash has splendidly glaciated peaks which can be very steep (this includes Yerupaja, Peru’s second highest peak – 6634m) which make it probably the most majestic range of the Peruvian Andes. The difficulty rating for this trek is strenuous.

9. The Inca Trail

No one can argue that this is the most renowned mountain trek in all South America. It is truly a “must” for any decent trekker. In the beginning it was meant to be a highway (an ancient one) which used to connect Cuzco, the Inca capital, with the famous Machu Picchu, the lost city. Fortunately, now it has been reinstated to its original magnificence. This pathway goes through the splendid mountain scenery of cloud forest and snow covered Andean peaks, the supreme goal being Machu Picchu, obviously. The difficulty rating for this trek is moderate.

10. Fitzroy and Paine

This Argentinian mountain trek is a really adventurous one that goes among the overwhelming summits on the Continental Ice-Cap. This mighty sculpting force which lies right on the eastern side of the world’s third largest mass of ice has given birth to a scenery of jagged mountains, sparkling lakes and sensational glaciers “working” together with the brutal movements of plate tectonics. This is definitely a stunning trek that leads the walker through the wilderness of Patagonia. The difficulty rating for this trek is strenuous.


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