Pet Crematorium Accuses Vet of Theft

Over in Guam, the owner of the Rainbow Bridge Pet Crematory is accusing a Veterinarian of theft. Local law enforcement has been asked to investigate in this matter. The are only 2 places in Guam where pepole can take deceased pets to be cremated, including Rainbow Bridge Pet Crematory.

Where did the bodies go?
Where did the bodies go?

The Owner, Dennis Larsen, was alarmed to hear that the vet was still telling people that he was using Larsen’s services even though they had ceased their business relationship in December. He recalled, “In the end, people would pay him for the service and then when I would go to collect my money, he would say, “I’m sorry, I don’t have any money because I had to spend it all on attorney’s fees.””.

As you can imagine, Larsen did not appreciate that this veterinary had used the Rainbow Bridge Pet Crematory to deceive people via fraudulent means. As a result, Larsen filed an official complaint with the Guam Police Department, the Attorney General’s Office, as well as the Guam Allied Health Board for theft by deception.

According to the report, at least 9 animals were taken to the Wise Animal Clinic located in Tamuning, and that the pet owners had paid for the services. However, Larsen claims that he never received the animals and therefore does not even know where they are. He hopes that the animals can be cremated one day, where ever they are.

The Vet in question, Dr. Joel Joseph, commented on the situation. “Where are the bodies? Ask Dennis. Where are the bodies? How come he left a body in my morgue since October? And he’s already admitted this.”

Dr. Joseph also claims that there were not 9 dogs – only 4. While Dr. Joseph does admit these dogs were cremated, he refused to disclose where this happened due to a private, non-disclosure agreement for the benefit of the clients and the animals who wanted to cremate their dogs on the island. Dr. Joseph denied the discussion with his clients about having a cremation at a specialist funeral home, however.

When the story appeared in the Pacific Daily News, a joint statement by both Our Lady of Peace and Ada’s Mortuary which are the only 2 funeral homes on the island with local crematoriums said that they only cremate humans, and not pet cremations. In addition, they state that will never provide pet cremation services to anybody.

Larsen says that these poor animals are out there somewhere and that he just wants to do what is right by the customers. This is because in a time like this, you need to use a reputable company where someone can actually perform a service.

Dr. Joseph of the Wise Owl Animal Clinic plans to file a criminal complaint against Larsen and his wife. He accuses them of stealing records and other documents, as well as trespassing in his clinic. Meanwhile, he has also admitted that there are several animals in his morgue and that he is currently arranging to have these pets returned to their rightful owners.

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