Lost Canadian Seal is 6,500 km Away from Home

A cute 1-year old hooded seal dubbed “Vicky” is capturing the heart and attention of Europeans, after straying over 6,500 km away from home. It is believed that this is the furthest that a hooded seal has travelled from its natural habitat in Newfoundland, after it ended up at a German sanctuary.


In November, this baby seal was found washed up on Fuhr, which is a German island in the North Sea. According to report, Vicky was found undernourished and very tired so they fattened her up with herring. After all, Vicky had come a long way and in the wrong direction, according to Tanja Rosenberger who is a Scientist at the Seal rescue Centre of Friedrichskoog in northern Germany.

At the time that the workers at the sanctuary found her, she weighed 44 kg. Since then, she has put on another 22 kg. Sadly, Vicky is safe but lonely so “she deserves to be back among her own kind”.

Scientists intially wanted to release Vicky off the coast of Orkeny, Scotland. However, the move was blocked as Vicky is not a native species of the area.

As a result, the British Divers Marine Life Rescue group (BDLMR) is hoping to raise CDN$16,000 to send the animal back to her homeland. This charity rescues sick sea creatures, and is hoping to crate Vicky up and fly hre back on.

The Chairman of the charity, Alan Knight OBE, said that “It’s a shame that she can’t be allowed to be dropped in Scotland which would have cost just a few hundred pounds. Getting her to Newfoundland requires much more money and we are trying to raise it through donations, and appeal to the public for help.”

Rosenberger added that “She clearly doesn’t like being here; she is perhaps the most bad tempered seal we have ever had! When it comes to cleaning out her pool we have to send in two people – one of them to keep Vicky at bay. But perhaps that is just because she is homesick. Anyway, she deserves the chance to be happy among her own kind. She is only about one year old and she can live way beyond 20.”

Those interested in donating to this cause can find out more information at www.bdmlr.org.uk

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