Climate-smart Agriculture Is Needed

Giving no other course than “climate-smart” agriculture, the UK government’s chief scientific advisor, John Beddington, claims that we do not have any other choices.

Fertilizers are bad for the environment
Fertilizers are bad for the environment

Since agriculture is a large portion of our past present and future, we need to start now to preserve that possible future. Many large portions of agriculture involve nitrous oxide and carbon dioxide emissions. These emissions are extremely toxic to out planet

With the climate already rapidly changing, we need to start now to help ourselves in the future. Being able to have climate control and maintain a proper portion of food production is key in this role.

The main cause of harmful greenhouse gas emissions is actually derived directly from nitrogen fertilizers. The percentage of greenhouse gases put off by the production of nitrogen fertilizers is at a staggering 75 percent and still going up. The hope for the future is that there can be a use of fertilizers, but these fertilizers need to be produced without nitrogen in them.

While there is still a struggle to use fertilizers in many areas all over the world, everyone can come to an agreement that this should be cautioned depending upon the stage at which each area is at. For dry places like Africa, there may actually be a need for some nitrogen fertilizer, but still making sure not to overuse these fertilizers. Since Africa’s soils are parched and have very little to no presence of nitrogen, these places need the nitrogen fertilizers. Other places like China have been warned that they maybe using too many nitrogen fertilizers and may need to start supplying these fertilizers to other places that it need it more.

Though this “climate-smart” agriculture is still in the works, many scientists agree that it is something that all countries should start working on right now. For if we can start working on this major problem now, there may be hope for this planet in the future.

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