Granite Spiny Lizard

The Granite Spiny Lizard is its own species of LIzard, and ranges between 7 and 10 inches long.

It is distinguished by strongly keeled dorsal scales that are very pointed on both body and tail.

The Granite has a very wide purple stripe on its dorsal. The male is yellowish green or deep blue in scale color while the female has yellow tan colors on body and tail.

The Males have very deep blue ventral patches on their bodies as well.

The Granite Spiny Lizards coloration makes it visible from long distances
The Granite Spiny Lizards coloration makes it visible from long distances

The Granite Spiny is an extremely colorful lizard that can usually be seen perching on top of boulders and sunning on a rocky hillside or rock outcroppings.

With their bright colors they are visible from a great distance.

The males seem to become able to reproduce not primarily based on age, but when they reach a certain snout length.

When they emerge from their hibernation in about January-February, they have extremely small testes, which grow and reach their maximum in April, which is when mating seems to occur.

They appear to bred from Mid March to Mid August.

The female lays about 9-11 eggs, which are leathery and soft in nature. Only one laying occurs each year for the females.

Hatchlings will appear about 40 days later, and can range from July through September.

They appear to be very prolific breeders whose breeding is often successful.

While the Granite Lizard is not endangered they do seem to vary in numbers based on the seasonal rainfall totals.

He dates first hatchlings were seen varied from 30 July to 27 September.

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