Western Scaly Foot Legless Lizard

Western Scaly Foots are legless lizards found in nearly all areas of Australia except the southern coastlines and the very mountainous areas.

The Western Scaly Foot lives in wet forested areas, as well as in drier spots such as sandy beaches and sand dunes.

western Scaly Foot Legless Lizard
western Scaly Foot Legless Lizard

A Western Scaly Foot Lizard will eat many varieties of insects and in most cases are one of the few reptiles that are well loved by the people because they also eat a few things that are considered dangerous or harmful such as scorpions and many kinds of spiders.

The flap of skin that serves as a leg
The flap of skin that serves as a leg
Instead of back legs the legless lizard, the Western Scaly foot in particular has a scaly flap of skin, which helps to propel it along the ground

Western Scaly foot lizards don’t find their prey with their tongues like many other reptiles do, tasting the air, but instead find it by the use of their acute vision, which also helps them to catch it.

They bite their prey. They chew and then swallow it.

Snakes and other lizards, birds of prey like falcons, feral cats and foxes all eat Western Scaly Foots and although they are not endangered, they are protected..

Western Scaly Foots move in a side-to-side swimming motion.

The Western Scaly foot breeds in early summer, which is December and January, when they nest and lay two eggs, sometimes three, and bury them in sandy soil.

The mother does not return to the nest after laying her eggs, and the young scaly foots will take care of themselves when they hatch.

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