Nordic Aliens

While most people probably think of alien abductions as something very unpleasant, often including painful experiments and torture, there is a reported case of these abductions being extremely enjoyable – the abductions done by the Nordic aliens. Supposedly, this race of aliens is and has been the most friendly towards humans and many stories have been told by people coming in contact with them all around the world.

What distinguishes stories about Nordic aliens from the other ones is the emotion and thoughts of the teller. Humans who have supposedly come in contact with these aliens tell us that the Nordic aliens are friendly, positive and they mentally fill you with a feeling of immense love and friendship. Some people even regard these aliens as their second family, being abducted quite frequently and always enjoying the experience.

From the physical aspect, the Nordic aliens are always described as very tall, human-like beings. Their faces are very beautiful, perfectly symmetric and able to show a variety of emotions with their light blue, deep eyes. The hair is usually fair, reaching at least the length of shoulders, although other colours have also been reported. Their aging can also be observed, as older individuals can also be seen. Younger Nordic aliens usually wear skin-tight plastic outfits, while the older ones carry long robes.

The Nordic aliens are more similar to humans than any other alien race
The Nordic aliens are more similar to humans than any other alien race

Their human-like appearance allows them to blend in with people on the earth and there have been cases when an abducted person recognizes an alien in the UFO, after previously having seen it on earth. While on earth, the Nordic aliens don’t speak, but they are dressed in human clothes and they blend in perfectly. When on a UFO, the Nordics seem less materialistic and more like astral beings, often levitating and communication with them is also solely mental.

As to what they do to people during the abductions, it’s suggested that the tests done on humans are purely psychic and when telling about their experiences, people say that they were forced to feel a full gamma of emotions, from hate to love, and in an unearthly degree. This is probably done so that Nordic aliens may learn more about the human psyche and our way of thinking. Still, in all cases the aliens seemed to be friendly to humans and gave them a kind of a warm, positive feeling.

Another thing that goes hand in hand with abductions by Nordic aliens are judgment day prophecies. Many people that tell about their experiences also say that the aliens show them images of the future and warned them about great natural catastrophes. Some doom day predictors combine this fact with the so-called “2012 theory”, but it should be noted that the people abducted by Nordic aliens said that the critical years would be around 2000-2009.


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