The Pleiadians are said to be a collection of alien species who hail from a small star system in the Taurus constellation, Pleiades. According to sources the Pleiadians allegedly inhabit a number of planets withing the Pleaides star system including planets by the names of Erra, Ptaah, Quetzal and Semjase with Erra current serving as a home planet for the Pleiadians.

According to Billie Meier who is apparently the Pleiadians’ contact on Earth the Pleiades star system is made up of 10 plants which rotate around their sun; Tayget. Erra is described as being slightly smaller than earth and with the Pleiadians’ current technology it takes around 7 hours to travel the 420 light years to Earth.

Billie Meier claims that he has been contacted over 130 times by the Pleiadians, his first contact being with a female Pleiadian named Samjese. These multiple contacts he says occurred between 1976 and 1982 with Billie physically meeting with his Pleiadian contact numerous times although was initially contacted telepathically. Billie has gone on to write a handful of books on the subject and has been the the center of controversy within extraterrestrial discussion for years.

An artist impression of Samjese
An artist impression of Samjese
An artist impression of Samjese

The recurring theme with the Pleiadians seems to be that their goal is to help humans reach a new stage of evolution which focus’ heavily on spirituality. According to Billie Meier and other sources the Pleiadians have explained that they have been to earth long ago and always intended on returning.

Apparently the Pleiadians first discovered Earth in 225, 000 B.C. and after conferring with the ‘Galactic Federation’ they were given the go ahead to land on our planet and interact. The Pleiadians explained that they worked intimately with humans between 196, 00 B.C. and 10 A.D. to aid in the development of civilizations that were around at the time such as Maya, Inca, Lemuria and an un-named civilization.

According to the Pleiadians records of the history between them and Earth the last Pleiadian leader to leave Earth was in 10 A.D. and went by the name of Gabriel. Apparently the reason for the Pleiadians leaving Earth was because they wanted to give humans the chance to evolve down ther own paths, however they did leave one Pleiadians behind, an entity by the name of Jmmanuel.

This Jmmanuel was a powerful spiritual leader who possessed a soul that had evolved far beyond that of humans. Jmmanuel was the son of Gabriel and the daughter of a Lyran called Mary. Some circles believe this to be the true origin of Jesus. Legend tells that the Pleiadians will soon return to aid humans on their spiritual path, possibly at the time of a major crisis.

The combined information garnered from Billie Meier’s contacts and other sources allow use to gain a brief understanding of the Pleiadian people. The Pleiadians are a very spiritual group and are powerful telepathes. As well as being very spiritual the Pleiadians also possess technology that that is much, much more advanced than our known technology today.

The planet Erra is said to be home to around 400, 000 Pleiadians, this number may seem small for a planet not much smaller than Earth however the Pleiadians believe this is the perfect balance for the health of both their people and the planet. The Pleiadians have no currency as such and distribute goods freely based on contribution to society and due to their telepathic nature they have no medical problems and can live to around 700 years.

In contrast to the life of a human the Pleiadians spend their first 10 years learning about their place in the universe and the next 80 or so becoming a master of a specific trade – essentially their life is just starting as a human lay on their death bed.

Do the Pleiadians exist? or is this just a wild fantasy… according to Billie Meier, we will find out soon.


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