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Kori Bustard

Kori Bustard is one of the largest birds in the world. Males will weigh as much as 35 pounds while the females weigh about half that. It is difficult for them to fly because of their size. They are native to southern Africa and are strictly ground dwellers, limited to the earth. They much prefer


The roadrunner is legendary for its speed, its unique appearance and because it is fast enough to catch and eat even a rattlesnake. Roadrunners are faster, large brown and what or black and white birds that sport a head crest, strong legs and feet and a tail that is long and tipped in white. The


Lyrebirds are found along the coast of Australia. They also life in Tasmania, and love dampened forests or wetlands, which are hard to traverse. They are superb at imitating other birds and in many cases can fool even the most experienced bird watcher with the many bird cries they can imitate, so that they think