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Secretary Bird

Secretary bird has obtained its unusual name thanks to the black feathers on the crest that remind of goose feathers, which secretaries used to wear inserted in their wigs. In appearance, this bird looks similar to a crane, and is actually quite a unique predatory bird. Secretary Birds have earned their name thanks to the

Red Ovenbird

Red Ovenbird are amazing construction birds, and their name comes from their peculiar nest which looks like a small oven. They are one of the biggest South American bird species, but not much is known about their lifestyle. Red Ovenbirds are also known for their beautiful singing, which can be heard all year round. They

Crested Guineafowl

Crested Guineafowl obtained its name by the curly taft of hair on its head. These guineafowls have a somewhat unatractive looks but apart from their appearance, they’re quite ordinary birds. They inhabit central parts of Africa, ranging throughout all the forest territories, as well as a handful of regions in Southern Africa. Crested Guineafowls are

Laysan Duck

The Laysan Duck, although from the first view an ordinary bird, is a great story of conservation, how a species extremely close to extinction have recovered to a relatively stable population count. Their natural habitat being only the Hawaiian Islands (just like a number of other animals, for instance Hawaiian Monk Seal), these ducks have


The Cassowary may weigh as much as 120-140 pounds and be about six feet tall or a little less. The male and the female have the same essential look to them. They are black and cover them from their neck to their high quarters. They do not fly but the feathers do serve to protect

Bobwhite Quail

The Virginia quail is a game bird native to North and Central America and the Caribbean. It is the official game bird of Georgia, Washington State and Tennessee. Other names include the Northern Bobwhite and the Bobwhite Quail. The name ‘bobwhite’ refers to their characteristic call. A quail in its native habitat, the underbrush Virginia


Flamingos are one of the more gregarious of birds. They are wading birds to be more precise, found in both Eastern and Western Hemisphere, but are far more well known and more numerous in the eastern hemisphere. There are four varieties of Flamingo in the Americas while two exist elsewhere. Flamingos filter-feed which means that

East African Crowned Crane

The East African Crowned crane is a tall, majestic looking bird which sports a crown of sorts, made of tall stiff golden feathers that looks for all the world like a real crown. He has large white patches of feathers on his cheeks with small red patches at the top of them and a slate


The Emu is Australia’s tallest native bird and will reach a height of 3 to 5 feet when standing upright. It may also reach weights of 60 to 70 pounds and is a bit lighter than the cassowary, which is a distant cousin. They have very shaggy feathers which are colored a grayish brown and


The peacock is a very large bird, and colorful, typically bright greens and blues. Peacocks are a type of pheasant, that is known for the iridescent tail feathers that they can spread out in a train that flows behind them, or spread upward, to form a fan of color. The peacocks tail is usually about


The largest bird in the world, is flightless. We mean, of course, the ostrich, which ranges across the African savanna and deserts, getting most of the water they need from the foods they eat. The flightless ostrich is the world’s largest bird. They roam African savanna and desert lands and get most of their water

Atlantic Puffin

The Atlantic puffin is a beautiful and brightly colored bird that reminds you a great deal of a Penguin, but has one massive difference. Atlantic puffins have a colorful beak that has helped them to gain the nickname of the “sea parrot.” It is brilliant in coloration during the summer months, but tends to fade

Argus Pheasant

Native to Sumatra and Malaya, the Argus Pheasant enjoys wild regions about 4000 feet above sea level where it eats fruit, grain, and various bugs. Currently they are not listed on the endangered species, but are considered vulnerable since their numbers are currently declining. The Argus pheasant has two subspecies, one the Malaysian and the


The Kiwi is a very tiny member of an ancient order of birds which are flightless. The kiwi, as difficult as it is to believe, is a member of a family we all know well. The ostrich and emus are related to this tiny bird. The Kiwi got its name from the Maori tribes of

Burrowing Owl

The burrowing owl is so called because they live in family groups much like a prairie dog town, and in fact many times use prairie dog towns to begin their own villages. They are brown spotted owls, quite small with the largest being about ten inches tall. They have very unique white eyebrows above their