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Black Oak Tree

The black oak is a medium to large sized tree that branches out widely and has a very open spreading top to it. It can range in height from fifty to over eighty feet tall and have a trunk that has a circumference of as much as three feet around. The oak leaves are very

Cypress Tree

The cypress is an ever green tree with a very aromatic wood as well as the greenery. It has an angled, what is known as a buttressed trunk that has many branches and a very Cypress trees can grow from between forty to seventy feet tall, and will sometimes be as much as three feet

Mugger Crocodile

The Mugger is a true crocodile but is one of the most like an alligator of all crocodiles, both in what it looks like as well as how it lives and behaves. They is a fairly large sized crocodile, and can reach about 15-16 feet in length. Generally the male mugger crocodile will weigh more

American Badger

Badger is a common name that belongs to many animals. The badger family includes other animals.. cousins such as weasels, ferrets, otters and several others but the true American Badger is a short squat, powerful animal with short legs, a long snout (nose) and a powerful body that is very well muscled.. They have a

Mexican Milk Snake

Lampropeltis triangulum is the more technical name of this snake. The Mexican milk snake is atype of snake known as a King Snake.There are about 25 different kinds of milk snakes, including one very common one called the scarlet kingsnake, which is frequently seen sunning itself on rocks. Milksnakes can have a variety of very

Squirt! The Friendly Porpoise

A Harbour Porpoise dubbed ‘Squirt’ has been frequenting the River Bann in Northern Ireland recently. Local kids have named the Porpoise ‘Squirt’ in relation to squirting water through its blowhole. People have been crowding around to see Squirt feeding and going about its life, experts have been reported to say that Squirt seems happy, however they

The Himalayan Yak

The Yak, also known as Bos grunniens or now a days as the Poephagus grunniens, is a long haired bovine, or cow like animals that is distributed through South Central Asia’s Himalayan areas. It can also be found near the Qinghai and Tibetan Plateau, and may exist as far north as Mongolia. Domestic populations of

Dumbo Octopus

The Dumbo Octopus can be found in any ocean and is known to have been found any where upto approximately 7,000 meters below sea level. We believe there to be around 37 different species of Dumbo Octopus, they can usually be found close to the sea bed and can grow up-to 20cm in length. The Dumbo


In the waters of northern Australia lurks the Irukandji. This small jellyfish approximately 2.5cm in diameter has a string that can kill a human in a matter of days! Irukandji Not much is known about the Irukandji as it is very fragile and cannot live easily in captivity as even bumping into a aquarium wall

Matamata Turtle

The Matamata or ‘I kill, I kill’ as it is translated in Spanish is known to live in parts of the Amazon, Brazil and Trinidad. The Matamata is a master of camouflage in its river-bed environment, it will lay in wait expertly camouflaged by the dark brown colouring of its shell, coupled with the roughness

Hickory Horned Devil

The Hickory Horned Devil is the caterpillar larvae of the Regal Moth. The eggs of the Regal Moth hatch approximately 7 – 10 days after being laid. Initially the larvae is very small and of a yellowish condition, this will not last long however as the larvae will quickly become darker. As a young larvae 

Fit As A Goldfish?

A man in California has trained his pet goldfish to play basketball, football and even limbo under a bar! This amazing man is Dr Dean Pomerleau. He has taught his pet goldfish by the name of Comet these tricks through a method called positive reinforcement. Dr Pomerleau stated ‘With the promise of some food and the right tools, it

Secrets Of The Platypus Revealed

Scientists have recently reported that they have finally cracked and analysed the genome of the mysterious Duck-billed Platypus, and discovered that the Platypus, although a mammal, actually has genetic ties to both reptiles and birds. Deciphering the Platypus genome has been a goal for biologists for a long time as it is believed that they Platypus genome

Tasty Squirrel Treat!

David Simpson, a butcher in Fraddon, Cornwall, has a new treat on the menu. Squirrel Pasties. According to David ‘People like the fact it is wild meat, low in fat and local.’ The squirrel meat and pasties in general have gone down a storm at his shop. David says hes managed to get 60 squirrels

Kinkajou On The Loose!

A Kinkajou, or otherwise known as a Honey Badger escaped from the San Juan de Aragon Zoo in Mexico City, before going for a hour long ride on public transport. Apparently the Kinkajou spent most of the journey upfront with the bus driver and was swinging from the support railings. When the driver tried to grab