Mexican Milk Snake

Lampropeltis triangulum is the more technical name of this snake.

The Mexican milk snake is atype of snake known as a King Snake.There are about 25 different kinds of milk snakes, including one very common one called the scarlet kingsnake, which is frequently seen sunning itself on rocks.

Milksnakes can have a variety of very different looks to them not only from one type to the next but also in the same variety..

The milk snake can live throughout a wide area or home range, which might incluce south eastern Canada, most of the United States, Ecuador, Venezuela, South America and other areas.

The milk snake will grow from twenty to sixty inches long. They have very smooth and shiny scales, with a pattern that alternates bands of red, yellow and black, which can be mistaken for the coral snake.

One of the ways that people remember to differentiate is an old rhyme that is spoken in the southern United States.
“Red to yellow, kill a fellow. Red to black, venom lack.”

Milksnakes interestingly enough do not have eyelids and have instead a transparent eye covering that sits over their eyes.
The covering is called a brille and will keep their eyes protected from dust and dirt, but also gives the eye a very glassy appearance so that they seem to look almost blank, a very eerie look indeed.

The milk snake is what is known as an opportunistic feeder and will eat a wide and varied assortment of prey items, including slugs, insects, and earthworms lizards and small mammals.

They will also eat birds, as well as young birds and bird egges and sometimes even other snakes.

Milk snakes are oviparous, meaning that they lay eggs, and these folks lay a lot. In June and July, the female lays three to twenty-four eggs underneath just about anything at all, fromlogs, boards, rocks, and rotting vegetation. They incubate for about two months, and hatch around August or September.

The milk snake can live for about twelve years.


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