Fit As A Goldfish?

A man in California has trained his pet goldfish to play basketball, football and even limbo under a bar!

This amazing man is Dr Dean Pomerleau. He has taught his pet goldfish by the name of Comet these tricks through a method called positive reinforcement.

Dr Pomerleau stated ‘With the promise of some food and the right tools, it made me possible to teach Comet these complex tricks. This to me is evidence that fish are more intelligent than people make out.’ 

Positive reinforcement is the promise of a reward when a task is completed, similar to when you may be trying to teach a dog a trick but is also commonly used for seals and dolphins.

Dr Dean Pomerleau has now teamed up with R2 Solutions who now have a fish training kit readily available on Amazon which includes goal posts, slaloms and tubes and also comes with a guide DVD. 


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