Kinkajou On The Loose!

A Kinkajou, or otherwise known as a Honey Badger escaped from the San Juan de Aragon Zoo in Mexico City, before going for a hour long ride on public transport.

Apparently the Kinkajou spent most of the journey upfront with the bus driver and was swinging from the support railings. When the driver tried to grab hold of the Kinkajou however, it attacked her and went for her face, she was then bitten on the arm whilst trying to defend herself.

The poor bus driver was taken to hospital by paramedics to treat the would and the Kinkajou was eventually caught and taken back to the zoo.

Kinkajou is a member of the Racoon family and was a celebrity accessory for a while when Paris Hilton was seen carrying one around in her arms until she was bitten on the arm also and rushed to hospital.

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