Hotel for dogs seeking for romance

Amorous dogs all around the world will definitely be jealous of its own kind who live in Sao Paolo. A love motel for amorous dogs has just opened to cater for their affection needs. It is reported that the love motel for amorous dogs opened in Brazil’s richest and largest city, Sao Paolo, is the idea of a man named Robson Marinho. He is the pet store owner in Sao Paolo who established the motel on his second floor shop called ‘Pet Love Motel’ or known to the local as the posh ‘Barra Funda’.

The Pet Motel is equipped with an air conditioned room, fully decorated rooms for dogs similar to love motels that you can find for us humans which consist of satin sheets, ceiling heart-shaped mirrors, special control panel for dimmer lights, romantic music and lots of cushions. It also has windows with thick curtains especially made for timid dogs that are shy and seek privacy.

With the existence of this Pet Motel, Sao Paolo which is already known for being one of the world’s largest metropolitan in terms of commerce and finance as well as arts and entertainment, will be made popular for being first city in the world that have love motel for dogs. When asked about his feeling about the pet motel, Marinho said: “I am absolutely certain that his motel is the first love motel for dogs in the world”.

“The pet owner also has to know what type of DVD will excite his or her dogs. We also have wedding services to match-up dogs and if the female dog does not get pregnant, we also offer artificial insemination services”, he added.

The Pet Motel has already received good response from pet owners from all around Sao Paolo. It is recommended that pet owners who want to use the Pet Motel, make advanced room reservation. The cost for two hours usage of a love room for your dogs will cost you US$41 dollars.

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