Pirates of the Caribbean

Levi the Monkey
Levi the Monkey
Barbossa and his pirates kidnap Elizabeth, they take her in a longboat to the treasure cave. One trainer hid in the boat along with the monkey and the actors and safety divers waited in the water. The aerial shot and the wide shot of this sequence was filmed with stunt people and a fake monkey.

In the scene where the monkey is seen standing on top of the treasure chest pointing, a trainer placed the monkey on the treasure chest and stood off camera and verbally cued the animal to point.

This was filmed in front of a green screen and edited into the film in post production.
Two Capuchin Monkeys, Tara and Levi, played the part of Captain Barbos’as monkey, Jack, who rode his shoulder though nearly all the film.

Tara is a ten year old female while Levi is an 8 year old male.

Their costumes were designed for custom fit to be as comfortable as they could be. The swing also was custom made by their trainer.

Both monkeys were accustomed to being on a swing so that they were well able to jump from it and the medallion used was particularly light weight to keep them from discomfort.

Tara and Levi were well cared for by their owner and trainers during the filming and were used in each of the three films.

They are well and happy and living with their trainers at last word.
Both Levi and Tara received a lot of fan male from Pirates of the Caribbean, and Levi now has his own fan club.

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