Frasier the weekly sitcom about Frasier Crane, his father and brother Nile, who unwittingly get into all sorts of scrapes although they are both psychiatrists.

Eddie, the friendly pooch of Frasiers dad, was played by Moose, a Jack Russel Terrior, who played opposite of Kelsey Grammar as Frasier.

Moose was born on Christmas Eve in 1990, and was apparently too much to handle for his original owner.


Moose had the ability stare at Kelsey Grammar with a long cold stare which became a long time gag on the show that was hilarious.

Frasier was so popular that the owners decided that Moose was going to need to be bred to provide a replacement for him as he got older.

Moose had a son, Enzo, who was a close match to him and had a very similar personality.

He was used as a stunt double, but one of the more amusing aspects was that he didn’t truly like some of his costars enough to bond with them apparently.

When he had to lick them, the trainer used liver pate behind their ears to get the dog to give a response.

Moore received more fan mail than the other Frasier shows stars.Moose the dog spent his last years after retirement in Los Angeles, with his son Enzo, and their trainer. He died of natural causes at age 15 or 108 in dog years in 2006.

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