Grizzly Adams

Grizzly Adams was a show that audiences fell in love with about a lone man who moved to the mountains to escape a crime he hasn’t committed, met a grizzly and remained in the mountains to live.

Americans who watched the show fell in love with Grizzly Adams, and they also fell in love with both stars, Dan Haggerty, who was a former animal trainer and possessed a remarkable ability with animals, had a mutual love affair with the star, a female grizzly that was named Bozo.

An innocent man, James Adams, runs away and hides from the law in the wilderness, where he befriends a grizzly bear and helps passers-by in the forest.

Grizzly Adams
Grizzly Adams

This show was set in the 1850s.

In the real world outside of the show, Bozo was absolutely in love with Dan Haggerty as well so the show really worked well for a certain time span.

The problem was, the man Haggerty portrayed really was Lloyd Bebe, so the accuracy of the story was out the window.

He did have a lot of animals that he raised and tamed himself but he received numerous scars from Bengal tigers and a portion of his head torn away thanks to a grizzly friend, a testament to the fact that making a wild animal a pet is never a good idea.

Once he had moved to the wild he also received grizzly wounds, a throat wound from an elk and had a wolf tear away part of his forearm, which never really healed.

Bozo who was ever well behaved was the only one it seems to never damage the real Adams. At the end of the first three months of the shows production, she was being so well rewarded with treats that she had gained over 100 pounds. An actress who gained 100 pounds and kept her job is rare enough.

Bozo was one of many animals owned by Lloyd Beebe at the Olympic Game Farm which is still owned and operated by the Beebe Family.


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