Whites Tree Frog

Whites Tree Frog is a largish frog which is about 3 to 4 inches long, with the females being larger than the males.

The color ranges from light blue to deep forest green, or sometimes almost gray.

The males have a vocal sac that is under the throat, and the female’s throat is white.

Whites Tree Frog
Whites Tree Frog

The white’s frog has huge toe pads with webbing between their fingers and totally webbed toes.

Most frogs have vertical pupils however this tree frog has horizontal ones. White’s tree frog has a way covering over the skin that aids them in water retention, which is secreted by their bodies.

They are instinctively very tame and do not fear human or sometimes even dogs or cats. They are active equally easily in day or night and may hunt at either time.

They have a distinctive trait, which is an absolutely ear splitting screech when they are in distress.

They range from northern and eastern Australia, to the islands in Torres Straits, as well as New Guinea, and have been recently introduced to New Zealand.

Whites Tree Frog
Whites Tree Frog

These tree frogs have adapted to dry or wet habitats. They prefer moist forested environments, but have skin that can adjust to drier situations such as arid climates.

White’s tree frogs do not live in or near water, but instead live in trees.

Rain collects on leaves and in crevices in tree trunks, giving the frogs enough water.

The female expels her eggs with such a force that they go through the deposited sperm cloud and stop up to 1.5 feet from her. Her clutch of eggs can have as many as 300 eggs.

Once they are fertilized, the eggs sink to the and in about 28 to 36 hours after laying. The eggs hatch and tadpoles can be changed to frogs in as little two to three weeks.

The average life span of Whites tree frog is about 16 years, but one is reported to have been 21 when it died in captivity


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