Tomato Frog

The Tomato frog is a fairly large frog that can have a body size larger than a grown mans fist. The Tomato Frog can grow to be about three to four inches long. The females are larger than the males who grow to about 3 inches long.
The Tomato Frog is a rainforest animal, found only in Madagascar.

tomato1 Tomato Frog
Tomato Frog

The color of the Tomato Frog can range from a red orange color to a very bright tomato read.The underside of the tomato frog is lighter in color, usually more yellow and there may be spots on their throat.

The male tomato frog is not as bright in color as the female and the youngsters or juveniles are also duller. Theyr color will grow brighter as they grow older.

The Tomato frog is native to Madagascar and will burrow into the soft soil. They live in tropical or subtropical climates.

The Tomato Frog lives in the rainforest, burrows into the ground and waits for insects to pass him which he will eat. They don’t like to chase after prey, but rather, hunt by lying in amubush for the most part..
Primarily nocturnal, they hunt at night. If started they will puff up like a balloon.

tomato frog 1 Tomato Frog
Tomato Frog

The Tomato frog gives off a non toxic sticky white fluid that is irritating to mucosa. The color and the thick sticky fluid seem to serve as a warning to other predators that the Tomato Frog would not make a very good meal.


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