Cat called in for Jury Duty

Yes, you certainly read that right. The story going around the Internet world is that a kitteh (sic intentional) has been summoned to court for jury duty.

According to the rumours circling around last week, a cat named Sal Esposito from east Boston was called to jury duty. Depending on what case that is, that would make Sal the juror you do or do not want.

“Sal, what’s this?” said a shocked Guy Esposito who is Sal’s owner or “father” when he found out and told his cherished family pet. “You know, I don’t believe it, I was shocked.” he added.

A cat has been called in for jury duty
A cat has been called in for jury duty

Guy and Anna Esposito share mutual custody of this beloved cat who believe that the error of the source is due to Census forms that were turned in at the most recent Census. On that particular piece of paper, Anna Esposito listed Sal’s name under the pet category of the form. She claimed she wrote ‘Sal Esposito’, and scratched out the dog category and wrote cat on it.

It is a great thing that the Government was on top of that one. Now that this cat is a ‘real person’, Sal’s identity may be stolen or credit cards may be applied illegally in his name. It certainly does open up a whole new world of possibility for this cat.

As for the legal system? It seems like it was no more on top of the situation that the Government. The Espositos attempted to remedy this situation by saying that Sal was a cat, but to no avail. Courts have claimed that they have heard it all before and/or that the situation is totally unbelievable. Indeed it, is unbelievable and something that the Suffolk Superior Court in Boston should deal with before Sal is slated for jury duty in March.

As Anna Esposito tried to file for Sal’s disqualification from jury duty service as she labeled him as ‘cat’, the jury commissioner remains unmoved to the argument. The request for Sal’s removal has been denied despite the fact that Sal will not be able to understand any thing that goes on in that court of law. In her filing for the disqualification of jury duty, she wrote that Sal cannot speak English – not that he was too old, ill, or a convicted felon.

Suffolk Superior Court has not issued statement to media or news just yet – or perhaps are just avoiding it. If the issue is not cleared up before March 23, then Anna Esposito says that she will have to simply bring Sal to court. Whether she will be able to pass security clearance is another thing altogether.

The US legal system is certainly going to the cats. Oh well, as the saying goes – “Only in America!”

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