Golden Bamboo Lemur

The Golden Bamboo Lemurs get their name from the distinct golden colored fur around their face and inner body coupled with their exclusive diet of bamboo. The Golden Bamboo Lemurs are currently listed as critically endangered due to loss of habitat from farming and agriculture expanse which is limiting their food source and home. The only primate that feeds exclusively on bamboo, the Golden Bamboo Lemurs have built up a resistance to the toxicity of bamboo leaves which contain cyanide and easily consume 12 times the lethal does of cyanide to other primates in a single day.

Golden Bamboo Lemur in its natural habitat
Golden Bamboo Lemur in its natural habitat
Golden Bamboo Lemur in its natural habitat

The Golden Bamboo Lemurs’ are found in Madagascar and it is estimated that there is currently only around 1000 left alive. These unique lemurs vary in coloration from brown to gray but always have the distinct golden fur around their face and inner abdomen, the golden fur is also sometimes located ion the lemurs ears but not always.

The Golden Bamboo Lemur is around the size of a domestic cat and although they feed primarily on bamboo, usually only new bamboo shoots and young leaves are consumed leaving the lemurs with a lack of new food, especially with increasing deforestation. The Golden Bamboo Lemurs will occasionally feed on other types of plant and grass if food is short but more often than not the lemurs will go without rather than vary their diet too much.

Golden Bamboo Lemurs are fairly social primates and can be found living in groups of up to six lemurs, usually consisting of a male and female adult lemurs and anywhere up to around 4 younger lemurs. The female Golden Bamboo Lemurs give birth to one or two babies a year and this usually takes place towards the end of the calender year (specifically November/December). The Golden Bamboo Lemurs are active throughout the twilight periods and occasionally at night but its not often these lemurs will venture far from their territory.

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