Barrio’s Frog

Barrio’s Frog is found in only one place in the world – Mehuin, Valdivia, Chille. These unique frogs are extremely fast and although they make their home around streams they are not very good swimmers, however they make up for it by being powerful jumpers. Currently the Barrio’s Frog is classed as critically endangered due to habitat loss from human expansion.

Barrio’s Frog is a medium sized frog  with a short stocky body and  well built, muscular limbs. The Barrio’s Frog can be recognized by its distinct features such as a wide head with prominent eyes and a large over-hanging upper jaw. The skin of the Barrio’s Frog is fairly grainy in texture and is usually a brown/red combination with the underside being paler and of a much smoother texture.

barryfrog1 Barrios Frog
Barrio's Frog during the day
Barrio's Frog during the day

There are also differences in the hands and feet of the Barrio’s Frog with forelimbs carrying non-webbed fingers that are quite ling as opposed to the frogs hind legs which sport completely webbed toes that are a fair amount shorted.

The preferred habitat of the Barrio’s Frog is that of rocky mountain streams as these provide perfect coverage for this endangered species. Rivers and streams with fresh, clear, fast flowing water on a sandy bed is the habitat of choice.

barryfrog2 Barrios Frog
Barrio's Frog
Barrio's Frog

Not an awful lot is known about the ecology and lifestyle of the Barrio’s Frog however it is believed that the frogs breed sometime between the end of January and May. Life for the Barrio’s Frog is heavily reliant on streams as this is where they will feed (during the night), breed and deposit their eggs – despite of this Barrio’s Frog’s are not great swimmers. After successful mating the eggs will be deposited in the stream and hatch into tadpoles which will develop within 12 months.

As the Barrio’s Frog’s are nocturnal shelter is required during the day and partially submerged rocks make great shelter with numerous frogs sharing the same shelter during the day.

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