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Basset Hound

As a descendant from the Bloodhound, the Basset Hound an outstanding sense of smell. They are also known for their long ears. It is a hunting dog that can hunt alone or in packs either in the open or a den. They are used to hunt hares, foxes, opossums, and pheasants. Although their reflexes are


Dachshunds are a type of dog that belong to the hound family that is commonly referred to as a ‘sausage dog’. This is because it is short-legged and long in size. Dachshunds were primarily developed to smell, chase, and flush out badgers and other burrow-dwelling animals. Miniature dachshunds were developed to hunt smaller sized prey

Jack Russell

Jack Russell terriers are dogs that were originally used for fox hunting. It is a small and broad terrier that is confused with a Parson Russell and a Russell terrier. It is a working dog, which was originally used by Rev. John Russell in the early 19th century. It has lots of energy, and requires


Earthworms are the largest cylindrical segmented worm in the Oligochaeta class. The earthworm’s body looks like a small tube, and has a muscular, slimy, and moist outer body. It is annular, and has a very simple circulatory system. It has 2 main blood vessels throughout the length of their long body, where a ventral blood

Short-beaked Echidna

The short-beaked echidna is also known as the spiny anteater as it likes eating ants and termites. The echidna is famous for having a body that is covered with spines or spikes. It also has a distinctive snout and a special tongue that can catch its prey quickly. A short-beaked echidna in the wild The

White Tiger

White tigers, also known as Panthera Tigris in Latin, are one of the most beautiful animals on earth. They are famous for its white fur/complexion, which is caused by a recessive gene. They are larger both at birth and at full adult size than orange tigers, and are the biggest cat species in the world.

Spitting Cobra

There are more than 270 types of cobras in the world, and one of the most famous species is the spitting cobra. Spitting cobras are venomous snake species from the Elapidae family. They are found in tropical landscapes, such as those found in Africa, Australia, and Asia. They have the ability to spray venom from


Toucans are species from Ramphastidae family. The Ramphastidae family includes five (genus) types and forty different species of Toucans and they are brightly marked and have large, colorful bills. The name of the Toucan comes from ‘tucano’, which was the name given by the Tupi Indians of Brazil. They are found mostly in tropical and

Black-footed ferret

The Black-footed ferret is the only ferret species in North America that is closely related to the Steppe Polecat from Russia. These small carnivorous prairie animals were classified as endangered mammal in United States since 1967. I'm happy to see you! Black-footed ferrets weigh roughly about 1 kg and are around 45-55 cm long with

Crested Lark

The Crested Lark can easily be recognized by the prominent crest on the head. If aroused, the bird raises the crest. These small birds have a rather untidy and not very colourful appearance, but they have a beautiful song. No matter how tired, the Crested Lark will always be able to sing, emitting a variety

Alpine Marmot

The Alpine Marmot is a muscular rodent of the squirrel family, who spends most of its life underground. These small creatures can dig a cave earth so solid,  that a human with a pickaxe would have trouble doing the same. These small mammals inhabit territories mostly in the central and western part of the Alps,


The carabao is a subspecies of water buffalos that can be found in the Philippines, Malaysia, Guam, Indonesia and other countries from the South East Asia region. Carabaos are mainly used for farming because of their huge body size that is covered with thin grayish or black hair. Both the female and the male that

Back-Striped Weasel

Known as the most enigmatic creature of the wildlife, the back-striped weasel or Mustela strigidorsa is distinguished for its famous silver dorsal streak that extends from the back of its neck and all the way to the end of its tail and the yellowish-white line on its belly. The back-striped weasel is a mysterious creature

Least Weasel

The Least Weasel is the smallest carnivore and is hardly seen as it is rarely trapped. The Least Weasel can be found anywhere in the world however the smallest species is found in North America and the largest is in northern Africa. The size of the least weasel will depends on where it is found.

Siberian Mountain Weasel

Also known as the Siberian Weasel, Himalayan Weasel, or Kolinsky, the Siberian Mountain Weasel is a rust-colored weasel. They can be found all over eastern Asia, from as far north as the Sea of Okhotsk, to as far south as Guangdong in China. In the east, they can go as far as Russia, Tibet, and