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What is it that draws people to Aspen. The answers are multiple in fact. Having spent time there earlier this summer I was privileged to enjoy breathtaking scenery, incredible hiking, fun and interesting accomodations and an enjoyable night life.

Aspen is famous for its lovely homes, people watching and just plain relaxation. Aspen, located about 150 miles from Denver is just far enough out to be an easy drive in the summer time.

Beginning in Denver you would drive I-70 west, and turn south onto Hwy 91 heading to Leadville. Eventually that road will become US 24. Taking Hwy 82 past Twin Lakes and through Independence Pass you will arrive in Aspen.

The closest major airport to Aspen is the Denver airport, which operates a shuttle from Denver year round at a cost of about 100 dollars one way for a 4 hour drive.

varying seasons will give you varying reasons for visiting Aspen.

Maroon Bells
Maroon Bells

T** Wintertime affords you remarkable skiing from Late December to mid April. Make sure to bring plenty of warm clothing since Aspen temps can range from mid thirties fahrenheit to about 5 degrees.

**Summer is lovely but not overly warm, with seasonal temperatures between 75 and 80 degrees.’ Hiking and wilderness areas abound there and the photographic opportunities are remarkable.

**Autumn in Aspen is something that should not be missed in your lifetime. THe crisp cold evening air, frost covered landscape and the changing of the trees in the mixed forests are unparalelled.
Aspen offers some other close attractions aside from the scenery and skiing, among them:

Maroon Bells- 15 miles south of Aspen are the incredibly lovely mountain peaks that are known as the Maroon Bells. Maroon Lake at the basin at the bottom and a wilderness comprised of nearly alpine meadows and very jagged rugged cliffs which is primarily restricted to hikers or those on bike, however there is a guided tour from Aspen. The fall colors here are something that you should not miss.

Glenwood Hot Springs – Just about forty miles from Aspen, there is a mineral hot springs (really very hot!) in Glenwood Springs. Among those who have made use of its properties are former U.S. Presidents and movie stars. On weekends this popular site can become rather crowded with users. There is a hotel on site to provide for those who might like to stay in this area.

T Lazy 7 No visit to Aspen will be complete without a visit to one of the nearby ranches called the TLazy7.

In close proximity to Aspen you can find horseback riding, hayrides, and tours from the ranch into the high country of Aspen, which will include a visit to the Maroon Bells.If you’re intersted you will find a 2 or 3 day trip available to you camping out near Aspen with cooked meals and camping under the stars!

‘ All in all Aspen in summer or winter is a site well worth seeing. I found my own time there to be money and time well spent.

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