Lake Tahoe

The first thing you will take note of as you arrive is the seemingly dual personality of Lake Tahoe.

The northern area is peaceful and serene while fine hotels and the slower paced lifestyle afford you a place to relax and kick back. The southern area is high paced and high energy with the gambling an glitter that is seen in much of Nevada.

You will see Tahoe at its best in the early parts of June, or September and October when the week days are bustling and the weekends more so. This will hardly be shocking when you consider that within 300 miles of Lake Tahoe over 25 million people live and work.

Quaint taverns sit beside the road and hotels and motels on the low key side will please you if you are searching for something a bit less costly and a bit less busy. Your vacation on the north shore will relax you and leave you ready to face the hectic work world when you return. Wintertime at Donner Ski Lodge will be one of the more incredible vacations of your life.

Lake Tahoe
Lake Tahoe

If you are a camper, the west shore will offer you some of the best camping areas i the state, while the south shores of Tahoe is for all intents and purposes an Alpine style Las Vegas, with big names and big casinos hotels, resorts and everything to eat from fast food to four star dining experiences. The shops are amazing and the traffic is bustling.

One of the more interesting and fun things to do on your visit to lake Tahoe is a lake cruise giving you the opportunity to see this crystal clear water close up. Several different companies offer many kinds of cruises including power boats and sailing.

From the white sand beaches you can watch the parasailers, jet skiing or kayaking, or if you have the time join in the activities. DL Bliss park and sugar Pine Point are among the most lovely in the state, which offer hiking, alpine walks and the beautiful Eagle Falls which is an easy walk with a small footbridge near the falls.

Aerial trams will show you a heavenly view from above. To Get to Lake Tahoe you will drive about 1 and a half hours from Reno on US 395, while from Las Vegs it is about ten hour drive on US 95 and 50

If your visit is originating in LA it is only an 8 hour drive along I-5 and US 50.

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