The Deadly Taipan

The Taipan, found all through Australia is a very large and extremely quick snake that is also highly poisonous. There are three types of Taipan, one of them recently discovered and each is a highly toxic snake.

The Inland Taipan reportedly has the most highly toxic poison of any species of snake world wide.

The Coastal Taipan
The Coastal Taipan
The Taipan is a dark brown or dark rust in color and is found very often in the sugar fields, where it hunts prey.
Usually found in the northern areas of Australia, The Taipan prefers the Nothern Territory and the Western aspects of Australia where the cold is not so prevalent and the winters are more mild.The Taipan is generally reclusive and will steer clear of people but when it is threatened or if it becomes cornered it will strike out multiple times in lightning quick succession.

The Taipan will grow between six and twelve feet in length an dis normally paler to dark brown, their deep color fading as it moves closer to the side of the snake to a dark cream color.
The younger snakes, or juveniles are lighter than the adults in their coloration.

The diet of the Taipan is for the most part smaller mammals such as the mice, rats and bandicoots that range the fields. The Taipan will feed sometimes as often as twice or three times in a week.

The Taipan is an egg producing snake and will breed from mid fall all through the winter and into the early spring, but normally not during the summer months.
About two months after the breeding she will coil around and begin to deposit eggs.
She does not nest, per se, and doesn’t normally care for the snakes in any way, who are ready to eat when they hatch.
Even small Taipan are capable of giving a fatal bite to a human, so deadly is their toxin.

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