The common Eland will be found in Central and South Africa.

They are found mainly on the savannah, but will also sometimes live in the forest or even on the deserts edge.

Eland are the very largest of all antelopes.

A male eland can stand 5 to 6 feet at the shoulder.


They are up to 13 feet long from nose to tail and weight as much as a ton, or between 600 and 2000 pounds.

They stand 5 to 6 feet at the shoulder and up to 13 feet nose to tail.

Both the male and the female eland have horns that seem to spiral upward like a unicorn horn.

They can grow to be over four feet long.

The females mate during the rainy seasons in Africa, and their birth will usually take place, after about 9 months, in the dry season.

One baby eland is born at a time. Only very rarely do they have twins.

The babies will weigh about 50 pounds at birth.

These huge antelope live in groups, called herds.

The herds can be from very small, with about twenty animals, to very large, to nearly 200 animals.


They stand guard for each other while the animals eat, and when the herd is threatened by a predator the bulls will give a warning call to the others that is very much like a large dog bark.

Once the herd is alerted to the presence of a predator they will take flight, with the females and smaller calves in the lead, and the larger bulls at the rear.

Given their size they are remarkably fast runners.

Eland can run at speeds over 40 miles per hour.

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