Kori Bustard

Kori Bustard is one of the largest birds in the world.

Males will weigh as much as 35 pounds while the females weigh about half that. It is difficult for them to fly because of their size.

They are native to southern Africa and are strictly ground dwellers, limited to the earth.

They much prefer wooded grassy areas and dryer savannahs to live in, and are a bird that will live in them a long time.

Kori Bustard
Kori Bustard

Those who have been captive are recorded or have their little ones are very vulnerable to attack and only about 20 percent survive their first year of life.

Kori’s really have no sound to speak of but when they are frightened they seem to bark, and prefer to run than to try to fly away from danger.

They do sometimes attempt it, but it seems they do it only reluctantly.

They are omnivorous in their diet with bugs and small mammal’s snakes and birds making up a good portion of it.

They will feed in the early morning and later day, resting during the hotter parts of the day.

Scientists who have studied them see a very strange relationship between them and another bird known as a carmine bee eater.

Kori Bustard
Kori Bustard

The bee eater will sit on the back of the kori’s to catch the bugs that the bustards stir up, and in return the bustards benefit because the bee eaters appear to be aware of predators sooner than the kori bustard.
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