Month: August 2010


Deep under the tropical ocean in between the reefs, many triggerfishes can be found. They inhabit the deep ocean of the Indo-Pacific. Normally recognized for their brightly color features with lines and spots. They are small in size almost from 20-50 centimeters but they are some almost as big as 1 meter in length. Triggerfish

Crested Lark

The Crested Lark can easily be recognized by the prominent crest on the head. If aroused, the bird raises the crest. These small birds have a rather untidy and not very colourful appearance, but they have a beautiful song. No matter how tired, the Crested Lark will always be able to sing, emitting a variety

Holy Basil

Holy Basil (Tulsi/Tulasi) or its scientific name, Ocimum tenuiflorum, was originally found in the country of Iran, India and other tropical environments in Asia more than 5,000 years ago. Basil comes with varieties of types where each and every one of them has their own unique smell, flavor and health benefits. Holy Basil is an

Alpine Marmot

The Alpine Marmot is a muscular rodent of the squirrel family, who spends most of its life underground. These small creatures can dig a cave earth so solid,  that a human with a pickaxe would have trouble doing the same. These small mammals inhabit territories mostly in the central and western part of the Alps,

Cattle Egret

The Cattle Egret has obtained its name by being often guests in pastures and other places near large herds of cattle, where the birds feed on small creatures that try to run from the cattle herds. This species differs from other Egrets in both appearance and behaviour. The Cattle Egret looks for food in meadows,


Also known as galanga or blue ginger, galangal is a type of plant that is used in both culinary and medical uses in many parts of Asia, and originated from Indonesia and Hainan Island in China. It is used in various Asian cuisines such as Thai tom yum or tom khai gai soups, Vietnamese Hue

Kaffir Lime

The kaffir lime is a rough, warty green fruit that has an exotic aroma and it is famously known for its double shaped leaves and both the fruit and its leaves are used for cooking to increase the scent of dishes. The leaves of this fruit are egg-shaped and its color is dark green on

Minke Whale

Minke Whale is the smallest of baleen whales. This species is widespread all around the world, ranging from the polar waters to the tropical seas. What made this animal rather famous, was probably the TV show “Whale Wars”, where environmental activists fought against Japanese whale hunters. It should, however, be noted that Minke Whales are

Lemon Basil

Many chefs or those who love to cook would appreciate the use of natural herbs. The use of lemon basil is famous in many different cuisines such as food from Laos, Indonesia, Thailand, and the Middle East. Lemon basil is a hybrid of the normal basil with the African basil that is mostly grown in

Bush Dog

The South American Bush Dog has adapted to living in a variety of environmental types. This animal can be seen in tropical and mountain forests, meadows and even desolate bushy areas. Their area of distribution is the Northern part of South America – Panama, Venezuela and Colombia, and there’s also a separate population in the