Month: June 2010

Secretary Bird

Secretary bird has obtained its unusual name thanks to the black feathers on the crest that remind of goose feathers, which secretaries used to wear inserted in their wigs. In appearance, this bird looks similar to a crane, and is actually quite a unique predatory bird. Secretary Birds have earned their name thanks to the

Greater Bilby

Bilbies are small marsupials that live in burrows they’ve dug for themselves. In some parts of Australia the Bilby is also called Pinkie because of the animal’s bare, rosy nose. These small mammals have adapted to living in the deserts of Western and Central Australia and in the past they were widespread all over the

Pigtail Macaque

The Pigtail Macaque is one of the biggest members of the monkey family. As the name suggests, this monkey has a short tail, which is often rolled up and raised in the air. They have a rather imposing, if not daunting looks, but actually these monkeys are highly intelligent and can easily be tamed. Despite

Midwife Toad

Midwife Toad males have a very interesting behaviour – after mating they twine a chain of the fertilized eggs around their hind legs, which they carry around even until the eggs hatch. They inhabit territories from the Pyrenees to Germany. Midwife Toads have a very peculiar looks because of the eggs around their legs Usually

Venezuelan Red Howler

As the name suggests this New – World Monkey mostly inhabits territories in Venezuela. However it is also fairly common in Bolivia, parts of Brazil and Peru. Males and females are roughly the same size 1.6 – 2 feet long (50 – 60 cm) without the tail and the tail usually is the same length.

Brush-tailed Rock-wallaby

Brush-tailed Rock-wallaby is an agile and very active animal, and is therefore often also called the Australian mountain goat. These small marsupials climb steep cliffs with great dexterity and they easily jump over multiple meters wide chasms. Brush-tailed Rock-wallabies rarely eat anything other than grass This species of kangaroo inhabit completely all territories of Australia,

Black Spider Monkey

Black Spider Monkey lives in the leafages of the Amazon Jungle and is known for being one of the most agile monkeys. Their brain size, in relation to their body mass, is much larger than those of any other member of the Cebidae family (which is one of the five New World monkey families). The

Poplar Hawk-moth

The Poplar Hawk-moth spends most of its time well masked on a tree branch. At dusk, this moth goes feeding and searching for a mating partner. These bugs are widespread all over Eurasia, from Ireland and Great Britain through all parts of Europe to the Eastern parts of China. Sometimes called the Sphinx-moth because the

Indian Flying-fox

The Indian Flying-fox has more than one meter wide wing span, making it one of the biggest bats in the world. It has earned its name from the fox-like face, markedly the forehead, which looks like taken from a ground mammal. Despite their enormous size, the Indian Flying-foxes are harmless creatures. These bats inhabit India

Vermilion Flycatcher

Vermilion Flycatchers are one of the most beautiful birds in America. Males are ornamented with a colourful plumage, which is especially beautiful during the mating period. These birds inhabit vast territories ranging from southwestern USA, through all parts of Central America to even Bolivia and Argentina. They also live in the Galapagos Islands, and that


Hornet is Europe’s largest wasp, and a sociable bug. Hornets live in almost all European areas, as well as part of Asia, from Siberia to western Mongolia. In the past, they only lived in old forests, where they could build nests in tree cavities or cliff holes, but being highly adaptive creatures, they now inhabit

Manta Ray

Manta Ray also known as the Devilfish is the biggest member of the manta family. It stays near the surface of the water and glides through the oceans like a giant bat. Manta Rays can be found in western parts of the Atlantic Ocean, as well as the Pacific and Indian Oceans, where they scare

Sloth bear

Sloth Bears a.k.a Labiated Bears inhabit not so wast territories in India’s and Srilanka’s dry forests. It s believed that the bear used to have a larger area of inhabitation but hunting and cutting down forests done by locals has driven it to a small secluded area. Because of the frequent prey to hunters, the

California Sea Lion

California Sea Lion is one of the most the most elegant underwater mammals. Its swimming style, changing direction frequently, looks almost like and underwater flight. These sea mammals are excellent swimmers – they can reach a speed of more than 40 km/h and dive as deep as 300 metres. California Sea Lions can be seen


Glow-worms can produce light much more effectively than any light bulb invented by the humans. They can also change the colour and intensity of the light emitted, to which scientists haven’t found the explanation yet. Unfortunately, Glow-worms seem to be attracted by light and high intensity lighting, like in large cities, negatively affects their population.