World Water Day: 10 Amazing Reasons Why Each Drop Is Precious

Water is literally the soul of the Earth. Every drop you see, every drop you feel, and every drop you taste is the pure essence of our planet. There are quite a number of reasons why every drop is precious and there are plenty of ways you can save it.

1. Water Brings Life

Without water there would be no type of existence. Every living thing thrives off of every drop of water and without it, there would be nothing left on this Earth. Existence would crumble and all life would come to a halt. I know that some may find this hard to believe, but it is very true. Water is literally the basis of every single society. It not only helps to create and preserve human life, but plants and animals as well.

2. Agriculture

For life to exist, there has to be an abundant source of water and food. No matter how you look at it, food is something that can only exist if water does as well. From extreme farming to simple things like small vegetable gardens, every single plant needs some source of water. If you try to plant a garden and do not water it, do not expect anything to grow. The soil needs the water for moisture and nutrients. The plants are planted in the soil to receive the water and nutrients that it carries in it. It is a never-ending cycle that must include water.

3. Purify the Body

Every human life needs water as way to cleanse the body and keep it healthy. Water not only purifies the body, but it also makes it possible for the body to stay hydrated as well. This will keep you from passing out or even getting sick. Water is another thing that keeps infections or any kind of bacteria out of your body. It prevents many people from getting tract infections, reduces your risk of having high blood pressure, and it even helps to improve the look and feel of your skin, hair, and nails. Every single inch of your body depends on water to keep it cleansed.

4. Mood Elevator

Many people do not realize that water is essential to maintaining a healthy hormone level. Your body cannot take having little water in it so it reacts by changing your mood. Try drinking at least eight glasses of water a day and you will be amazed at how much your mood improves and how much more energy you will have. You may have enough energy to get any job done and even make some more friends while you are at it.

5. Decreases Wrongful Hunge

Now I’m sure a few people might be confused on this one, but it is quite simple. If you feel like you may get hungry quite a bit, it may not be hunger at all. Most of the time, hunger is confused with dehydration. Your body will often give signals that seem like hunger, but they are in fact a request for water. So give your body what it wants and what it deserves…good ol’ water.

6. Shorten Showers & Catch the Remaining Water

If you normally take a long shower, you can save a ton of water just by cutting back the time you spend in the shower. You would be amazed how much water is saved just by spending less time taking a shower. After you are done showering, you can put a bucket up under the spout and catch any water that may still be dripping. This water can now be used to water your plants. Simple things like this can go a long way.

7. Make Plans for the Carwash

Now I know there are few people that do not understand why going to a carwash can save water, but you might actually be shocked. The majority of carwashes use nothing more that reused water mixed with only a little bit of freshwater. This helps to conserve the amount of water that is used by each and every single person. Imagine how much water you would normally waste washing your car in your yard. So the next time you feel you need to get your car washed, head on down to the carwash instead of heading to your yard. You will save a ton of water this way.

8. Sweep Your Driveway Clean

Instead of doing things the easy way, why not take some time to consider saving the water. Get a broom and get down to sweeping your driveway clean. I know that a water hose is tempting and may be easier, but when it comes to conserving water this is the way to go. A benefit to sweeping your driveway is that you are actually getting a workout in as you do it.

9. Laundry Considerations

When you decide to wash clothes make sure that you have a full load of clothes to wash so that you will not waste water on a very small load. If you have only a few pieces of clothes to get washed, it is better to wash this in filled basins of water. This will also save on water instead of constantly running the water to wash and rinse your clothes.

10. Kitchen Considerations

If you have a full load of dishes to wash, it is perfectly fine to use the dish washer. If you have only a few dishes, you should fill both sides of the sink with water and wash them by hand. Not only will this save on water usage, but it will also save on your electricity bill as well. Keep bottles of cold water in the fridge for when you are thirsty. This will help with you not having to wait until the water turns cold in the faucet.

All of these things are benefits of water and what you can do to help conserve the water we have now so that there will be a tomorrow were water is abundant.

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