Bear cuscus

The Bear cuscus is an elusive marsupial found only on the island of Sulawesi, Indonesia. Not much is known about the Bear cuscus which is certainly a rare find considering that Asia is not known for marsupial species. There is no current population estimate.

On the island of Sulawesi the Bear cuscus can be found up in the canopies of the rain forests usually at a height of around 400 meters. Even if you know where to look for a Bear cuscus you would have to be extremely lucky to spot one as there are only an estimated two individuals per 400 hectares.

bearcuscus1 Bear cuscus
A Bear Cuscus in its natural habitat
A Bear Cuscus in its natural habitat

The Bear cuscus can sport a coat of fur that ranges from gray, black and brown and the Bear cuscus is very well adapted to life up in the canopy. Being primarily arboreal the Bear cuscus has a grasping tail which is used to help with navigating through the trees and also has an opposable digit on each hand. The Bear cuscus has large feet and as well as an opposable digit on each, the other digits are clawed and used primarily for grooming.

The head of the Bear cuscus is broad and flat with a short snout in contrast to its limbs which are long and slender.

bearcuscus2 Bear cuscus
A Bear Cuscus favorite is un-ripe fruit
A Bear Cuscus favorite is un-ripe fruit

A unique feature of the Bear cuscus is that is has rounded pupils which other cuscus’s don’t have and it is believed that the Bear cuscus may be active during the daytime because of its adapted eyes, whereas other cuscus species are nocturnal. The diet of the Bear cuscus consists manily of leaves, fruit and flowers however only a small portion of the Bear cuscus’s active time is spent feeding with over half of its day spent resting.

The exact period that the Bear cuscus comes into sexual maturity is currently unknown however females are known to give birth 2 or 3 times a year with young staying within the mothers pouch for around 8 months before venturing out.

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