Atlantic Spanish Mackerel

As the name suggests, the Atlantic Spanish Mackerel is an open-sea schooling species of mackerel that is found in the Atlantic Ocean. These fish swim in the open sea away from the coast, however they sometimes swim in shoals and also often migrate to another spots. Atlantic Spanish mackerels are shallow water species where they prefer sand bottoms of 6 to 12 meter depths and have occasionally been found in as deep as 24 meter.

Atlantic Spanish Mackerel e1277119105587 Atlantic Spanish Mackerel
A drawing of an Atlantic Spanish Mackerel

Atlantic Spanish Mackerel have a green back and silvery side marked with about three rows of round to oval orange spots. All of the Atlantic Spanish Mackerel fins are triangular and the second dorsal fin has a blue tip. Due to the unusual shape and color of the fins, these mackerel tend to look slightly devilish. Atlantic Spanish mackerel are unquenchable carnivores and greedy sea creatures. Their food mainly consists of small fishes, anchovies, and small amount of shrimp and squid.

These schools of mackerel migrate from North Florida during the winter to more high temperature waters. While in summer and autumn, they move in huge groups along the coast of Norway. The mackerel is an open sea fish that can swim at great speeds. They have also been found as far north in the ocean-like waters of Massachusetts and also found as far in the south such as in the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. These fish go where ever there is good chance of survival, which means that they will swim around for the areas where the water is warm enough for them and of course where there is plenty of food. These places are also great for reproduction. Usually in month during May through September, the breeding and spawning will take place and prefer spawning grounds are somewhere the shores of Texas in the Gulf of Mexico possibly due to its warmer waters.

Atlantic Spanish mackerel mature when they are 1 years old, and grow to nearly 36 centimeters in length. Female mackerel live longer and grow to larger size than males. Females live as long as 11 years while growing to up to 5 kilograms and around 83 centimeters in length. While males mackerel may live to 6 years and grow to 48 centimeters in length.

spanish mackerel fisherman Atlantic Spanish Mackerel
A very happy Fisherman who's caught an Atlantic Spanish Mackerel

Atlantic Spanish mackerel are great fighters making them the most popular gaming fish amongst Fishermen. These mackerel when were caught fight back that make them highly valued fish by these Fishermen. Most local Fishermen catch Atlantic Spanish mackerel from boats while trawling. Those who specialize in commercial fishing primarily catch these fish via run-around gill netting. The most typical techniques for catching these mackerel are by using live bait such as shrimp. In spite of its large commercial and recreation fisheries, unlike other species, its populations are not likely to be threatened.

Atlantic Spanish mackerel are normally marketed as fresh or frozen as fillet fish to the commercial commercial world, as these fish are too small in size to be sold as steaks. Their flesh may be prepared by broiling, baking or frying or even eaten raw as sushi. The Spanish mackerel is also famous among the sushi devotees due to its flavor.

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