Originally from the land now known as North America lived a ‘high spined lizard’ called Acrocanthosaurus. This theropod dinosaur lived during the Aptian and early Albian stages of the Early Cretaceous period. Fossils of this dinosaur have been found in Texas and Oklahoma.

dc card acroc big Acrocanthosaurus
Don't mess with an Acrocanthosaurus!

It was a bipedal predator. It is known for its high neural spines on its vertebrae, which was most likely supported by a ridge of muscle over the animal’s back, neck, and hips. It was one of the largest therapod dinosaurs, which were about 12 metres long and weight up to 6.17 metric tons. Recent discoveries have allowed for more specialised studies on this dinosaur’s anatomy. Researchers thought that it was most likely the largest in its ecosystem, and was most likely a predator that preyed on large orinthopods and sauropods.

Acrocanthosaurus Skull e1286031149657 Acrocanthosaurus
An Acrocanthosaurus' skull

This dinosaur had a rather big head which was about 1.4 metres long. It also had thin, sharp, and serrated teeth. It had powerful arms, and each hand had 3 fingers. It also had long, sickle-like claws. It is thought that the Acrocanthosaurus was a carnosaur. Its intelligence was high among the dinosaurs. With all of these combined elements, the Acrocanthosaurus was a large, fierce predator.


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