Mas Cotek

Many are familiar with the variety of unique plants and trees exist deep inside the Malaysian tropical forest that is famous for its medicinal purposes. Mas Cotek is a herbal plant from the tropical forest of Malaysia that has become an international favorite for its medicinal and healthy values. Apparently every bit of Mas Cotek – the fruit, the leaves, the root and the stems are usable for health purpose. Many say that the plant is good for human reproductive organs, especially for female fertility. Scientifically it is known as Ficus deltoidea but many prefer to call it the ‘mistletoe fig’. It is also known as sempit-sempit in East Malaysia, and Tabat Barito in Indonesian. In Africa, it is commonly referred to as Kangkaliban.

mas cotek telinga gajah Mas Cotek
This humble plant is known for its medicinal purposes

The Mas Cotek can reach up to 2-3 meters tall. It is planted in on structural soil condition with good drainage. It requires minimal amount of water but during dry and hot season, they do need a good amount of water to continue to grow. The leaves of this plant have two shapes, one is a big round shape and the other is an egg-shaped. The surface of the leaves are shiny green color while at the bottom is yellow golden color with black spots in between the veins. The difference between the male is that its leaves is more elongated as compared to the female plant that has bigger and rounder long leaves.

Studies have proved that Mas Cotek has plenty of active components that can be well complemented with the human body. These components are said to be helpful for the human’s memory and patients with concentration disabilities. As a traditional medicine, the plant is mainly used for postpartum treatment. It helps with the healing of the uterus and vaginal canal after giving birth. Mas Cotek is also believed to help with blood circulation and heart diseases; prevention of clot vessels, control bad cholesterol oxygenation and reduce blood pressures. It can also treat migraines, nausea, pile pain, toxic removal and joint pains and is very helpful for women who are facing menopause. Mas Cotek is also made into aphrodisiac, a substance that can stimulate the men and women sexual orgasm in increasing and recovering their sexual desires and reproduction difficulties. Studies have shown that Mas Cotek has no side effects when used as aphrodisiac and it is also a very healthy method for couple facing reproduction difficulties. It is said that the male and female plants are mixed together in order to produce such medicine.

Mas cotek Mas Cotek
One of the many brands of Mas Cotek Tea

Now, the Mas Cotek has become a huge and beneficial economical product for Malaysia. Harvesting farms has been opened to produce a big amount of Mas Cotek to be imported internationally. Some farmers of the Mas Cotek plantation have even started to produce the Mas Cotek herbal tea that is produced and shipped all over the nation. The response for the Mas Cotek tea has been consistent mainly because of its effectiveness. Naturally, Mas Cotek can be found wildly growing in East Malaysia region of the tropical forest in Sarawak and Sabah as well as in Indonesia’s Kalimantan. There are also plantations that can be found in the northern states of Malaysia, Terengganu and Kelantan.

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