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Donate to WSPA
Donate to WSPA
The UK solution to the American ASPCA is the WSPA. The WSPA raises funds and actively works toward ending animal cruelty in all its many forms. Humanity is one of the few animals of the world who will seek to do injury to another animal for no reason what so ever.

They hold the distinction of being one of the few mammals who will kill or be cruel simply for pleasure, not to eat or defend themselves or their young. Seeking to end that terrible cruelty, animals being fought,bears being baited, or things such as dog fighting, baiting dogs into battle using cats, and so on, theWSPA works to not only stop the cruelty but to educate others

There has been a long established link between cruelty to animals and to people who are wiling to be cruel to others, and to family members. We need to work with that information and to find better ways to help those who are practicing cruelty to animals to understand their own behavior and the reason behind it.

Help save the black bear by donating to WSPA.
Help save the black bear by donating to WSPA.
Getting the kind of education that these people need, and to save the animals who are being so cruelly victimized means raising funds for the rescue,the veterinary bills and the education. It’s not always easy to find a way to get the amount of money it can take just to close one puppy mill or to make one person realize that the cruelty they’ve practiced for so long is in fact cruelty. Many people aren’t even aware that what they are doing qualifies as being cruel.

WSPA raises those funds in order to keep their fingers in the pie and keep the wheels of education and rescue turning. Getting others involved and learning more about how to recognize cruelty to animals is a large part of the issue.

Working toward a world where there is a positive attitude toward animal welfare and an end to animal cruelty once and for all, theWSPA works tirelessly to raise funds and to raise awareness of the situations going on in the world around us. Getting people on board and working toward ending animal cruelty is the only way we will see a world free of it eventually.

If you think you could help, or want more information about what the WSPA does.

You may contact them at:
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