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Getting your dog to wear a sweater can be a serious challenge. I don’t know about yours but a lot of mine don’t want a thing to do with the sweaters that are tight, hard to get on and its a battle. The truth is though that some of our dogs need extra warmth when they go out, especially the shorter ones that are close to the ground or those with really short hair.

In Nebraska where the wind can bite through nearly anything and temps can drop to well below zero in the winter time, having a small dog like a chihuahua that isn’t well covered for the outside walk isn’t at all a sound idea.

Smuggie for Dogs
Smuggie for Dogs

This little Snuggie seems to be just the ticket. It’s actually a warm polar tech type fleece that is more like a blanket with sleeves than it is a sweater. It doesn’t have to be put over the head, it fastens with hook and loop so its a lot more secure and easier to get on, as well as fitting your dog just right.

It’s easy to use too for cats. Some of the cats love a car ride and they tend to be more cold blooded than the dogs. Using it for them makes perfect sense and its something they don’t seem to mind at all.  Finding a way to keep your pets warm when they want to go outdoors in a cool climate is a challenge at times, because you’re constrained to finding something that hey don’t mind wearing.

The Snuggie doesn’t seem to be bothersome to them and we think its because its a great fit. Its warm and comfortable but it doesn’t restrict their movement at all and it helps them stay snug while they’re outside.

In addition to the warm snuggie for dogs, when you order this you receive an innovative little dog tag that lets you record your information so that it plays out loud to let people know who you are and where to return your precious pet to.

Think the snuggie is right for your dog? It’s working remarkably well for ours. Just FYI, ordering from this company presents no problems and your credit card is not charged until your order ships to you.
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