More UFOs spotted in the USA and Israel

Another sighting of a UFO was spotted, this time in the skies above American Fork, Utah. The sighting took place Wednesday, January 26. Those who saw the lights described them as three red lights hovering low in the skies with each red light dropping smaller white lights which then disappeared. Nobody can yet explain these

Aliens Began Life on Earth

Astrobiologist Dr. Richard Hoover works with NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center and has been studying the tiny bacteria that is found within meteorites. Having travelled the globe while studying these bacteria for ten years, he now believes that he has discovered a foreign life form that could explain the beginning of the life on Earth.

Seeds of Life Came from Outer Space

A meteorite found in Antarctica in 1995 and known as the Grave Nunataks 95229 is providing evidence that may help the theory about life on Earth coming from elsewhere in the universe. Tests conducted on the rock showed that it is made of partly of nitrogen containing both DNA and proteins. Could the seeds of

No Such Thing As A Dormant Volcano

I’m sure we have all heard about dormant volcanoes and how you should not have to worry about visiting places where dormant volcanoes lie. Well this statement is definitely about to change. The new belief is that supposed “dormant” volcanoes are not actually dormant. Volcanoes are never dormant! What were once called “dormant” volcanoes is

Rejected Spider Monkey Finds Hope

Little Estela, a baby spider monkey born on January 17, holds hope for approval by none other than her own stuffed animals. After being abandoned by her own mother after birth, she clings to life at Melbourne Zoo in the south-eastern part of Australia. A spider monkey finds hope Because of Estela being abandoned right

Climate-smart Agriculture Is Needed

Giving no other course than “climate-smart” agriculture, the UK government’s chief scientific advisor, John Beddington, claims that we do not have any other choices. Fertilizers are bad for the environment Since agriculture is a large portion of our past present and future, we need to start now to preserve that possible future. Many large portions

Moby Dick’s ship found

There has been a discovery of a shipwrecked whaling vessel in the waters of Papahanaumokuakea Marine National Monument, 600 miles north of Honolulu. Did the whale really trap Moby Dick? The name of the vessel was the Two Brothers, from Nantucket. The ship slammed against a shallow reef and was sunk on February 11, 1823.

One Digit Dinosaur Unearthed

On the border between Mongolia and China there has been a discovery of a new species of dinosaur. Found near the city of Linhe, the new discovery was given the name Linhenykus monodactylus. This dinosaur belongs in the carnivorous group of Theropoda which also include the Tyrannosaurus and Velociraptor. What the Linhenykus monodactylus may have

If 2012 won’t kill us, 2036 sure will

A cataclysm of enormous measure will face the world on April 13, 2036. That is if you believe in scientists and gravitational keyholes. The head of NASA’s Near Earth Object Program, Donald Yeomans, says the collision does not have a good chance of happening. He has been studying an asteroid named Apophis, which will travel

Ancient Rock Art found in Australia

While searching for the fossils of an old giant rat species, scientists from Australia discover some ancient faces called petroglyphs looking back at them from the walls of a cave in East Timor. These petroglyphs were found in a large cave on the northeast tip of East Timor and are thought to be more than

Oysters on the Brink of Extinction

Extinction is in the future for oysters from around the world. Once an industry to rely on economically, 85% of oyster reefs are now in trouble. Scientists found two reasons for this decline. One is the fact that the oyster population is being diminished by diseases. Introducing non-native species into areas have caused these diseases