Tiger Kills Zoo Visitor

A Siberian tiger went on a rampage at San Francisco Zoo in California and murdered a 17 year old boy who was visiting the zoo. The Teen, Carlos Sousa, sadly died after the attack.

Police arrived at the zoo to find one man dead outside the tigers cage and two other victims where found badly hurt in a coffee shop less than 300 yards away.

The victim’s mother and her husband Carlos broke down in tears as they described their disbelief over the loss of their son.

Officials were questioning whether the tiger jumped up from her enclosure at San Francisco Zoo, in California which has a 15 foot moat circling the cage and 20 foot walls.

Siberian Tiger
Siberian Tiger

A Police Chief alleged the section opened a criminal analysis to establish if there was human connection in the tiger getting out.

The zoo received an $18,000 fine and took great security measures around the Siberian tiger’s cage.


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