Monster Crocodile Suprise Attack

Novon Mashiah, the fisherman seen in the below photo almost became a tasty meal for a monstrous friend lurking below the waters, whilst he took a trip on a river east of Darwin, Australia, and a massive saltwater crocodile jumped out of the water after he pointed at it.

The crocodile who was thought to be more than 4meters long – slammed into the side of the boat before falling back into the river.

The croc makes a huge leap…
The croc makes a huge leap…

The fisherman said: “I was stunned, the creature obviously wanted to kill me. One minute I was lent over the boat teasing it for a photo and the next it just leaped at me with unbelievable speed, with its jaws fully open.”

The pair was working as fishermen on the South Alligator River when they came across the monster.

Fishermen who dare fish the waters of South Alligator River are used to crocodiles coming close to the boat, probably because of the amount of fish they reel in. But nothing like this has been reported before.

“I was laughing at the time, but it wasn’t amusing in the end.” That’s it, he said: “I’m never getting close to crocodile anymore!”


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