Honeybee Colony Collapses To Save Half The World’s Crops

With the mass death of many pollinating honeybees, scientist are completely on a wire about how this will effect future food crops and the cost of food in general. This natural process, worth over 200 billion in the global economy, may come a complete holt if something is not done to protect these little creatures.

Bees save the world!
Bees save the world!

Many researchers have found a number of possible causes to the decline in the colonies of honeybees. Some colonies have suffered from prolonged exposure to certain pesticides which have sent the colonies spiraling downwards, while other colonies suffer from viral infections and tiny parasites. Even a major decrease in the many species of plants is causing a downfall of the honeybee colonies.

There are many researchers who blame pesticides that have been used during farming. These pesticides have been the culprit behind many of the honeybee deaths in Europe. The very same pesticides used in Europe are also still used in the U.S. as well.

From the parasite threat it is a very tiny viral parasite that literally sucks the blood right out of the honeybees. The “perfectly named” varroa destructor, is the parasite that is causing so much wide spread panic in the honeybee hives across America and Europe. This one parasite has been the cause of the collapse of literally thousands of honeybee hives.

The scariest part of the honeybee’s deadly collapse is the viral threat. Now while some parasites bring the viruses in, the virus itself is the worst part. These viruses can bury themselves so deep within a honeybee’s system that it can destroy the honeybees’ motor skills, memory, and directional skills as well.

These threats are very serious and must be taken as such. Researchers are always trying to find the answers to many of the question surrounding how to keep the honeybee’s healthy so they keep on pollinating.

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