Eat a cow and take it home too

Meat lovers rejoice: A new American restaurant in Brooklyn, New York has come up with an innovative way for you to have you cow and eat it too.

Marlow & Sons restaurant offers leather fashion items that have just come from the cow that was on a customer’s plate only moments before.

Leather handbag, anyone?
Leather handbag, anyone?

Fashion designer Kate Huling, wanted to get diners to ‘honour the animal’, she explains.

‘Look at how quickly you can eat a burger, and that animal sacrifice for you is just gone.

‘Whereas with the bag, that’s something that can last for generations and generations,’ said Huling.

‘We’re interested in people having another opportunity to really honour the animal’, she told the New York Post.

The leather bags and other accessories are made from the hides of the grass-fed cows and pigs that are served at the restaurant. The meat is then delivered and sold in the butcher’s shop or at one of the restaurants.

The hides travel from the slaughterhouse to the tannery. Fashion designers turn the skin into leather handbags and other accessories at Midtown’s Fashion District before they make their final trek to the restaurant.

Designers don’t just have women in mind for their leather goods. Male customers can choose from belts, footballs and wallets. Next autumn the restaurant is hoping to expand to include other animals such as rabbits and lambs, where there will be rabbit-fur hats and lamb’s wool available for sale.

‘There’s a man who eats here two or three times a day. [When I introduced the line], he was like, ‘Oh, wow, I’m going to need to buy [a belt],’ Huling said.

‘I hope that he liked it, but it was really more that idea that ‘It’s my responsibility. I eat those animals so much — I need to participate in this whole cycle.

“That’s not what’s motivating us, just selling out, Huling said ‘We’re really interested in people coming and eating here, and being a part of the whole process.’

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