Bear On Patrol

A Black Bear has been spotted patrolling the Louisiana State Penitentiary. Authorities at the prison are taking a laid back attitude to the ‘Extra layer of security’ as they believe this will help deter convicts who may have been planning an escape.

The bear, weighing over 400-lb was fist sighted walking around the centre on the prison which is approximately 115 miles northwest of New Orleans. 5.5 square miles of the prison grounds is woodland which is rarely traversed.
The footprints of the bear have been measured to 6 inches, and  every inch equals to approx. 75-lbs which estimates the bear to be over 450-lbs, they believe it to be a large female bear who they have been tracking for a while.

Prison officials believe there to be 8 – 10 bears on the grounds and the bears aren’t the only dangerous wildlife situated around the prison also known as ‘Angola’ there are other animals such as Rattlesnakes, Crocodiles and Wild Boar.

This probably explains why the last escape attempt was nearly 3 years ago!

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