White Tailed Deer

The white tailed deer ranges over most of the northern United States and is tan or light brown in summertime and darker, gray brown in winter.

It has a white neck, white surrounding its eyes and nose and on its abdomen.

Males can weigh between 200 and 300 pounds while the female weighs between 80 and 200 for the largest. The white tailed deer ranges in an area that is usually smaller than one mile.

White Tailed Deer
White Tailed Deer

They will collect themselves into groups of families and live in smaller herds.

The males will also group in social groups of three or four but usually remain separate during mating season.

White tailed deer live primarily in woodland or forested areas, and in some places.

overpopulation of the deer can cause problems, such as with farmers and crop destruction.

Deer are susceptible to disease which can cause their death if not treated such as excessive fleas, round worms or tick infestation which may cause other disease processes.

Winter is particularly dangerous for the deer. Ice covered snow may cause a leg to go through the ice with its pointed hoof and break an extremity or they are unable to run through the deep snow and are caught by predators.

Deer cause some serious problems when they live too close in contact to people.

White Tailed Deer
White Tailed Deer

When the deers range area becomes too small due to human invasion, the deer will invade crops and gardens causing great destruction to food crops and farm crops.

They are often hit crossing the road to find fodder in fields causing damage to both vehicle and sometimes human as well as death to the deer.

Deer are beautiful to watch but do sometimes carry Lyme disease from the ticks they carrying their fur. It is best to simply watch rather than to try to touch them.


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